Ferrolic: Ferro Fluid Display

Ferrofluid is an interesting liquid that magnetizes with a magnetic field. It creates unique shapes and moves in a way that no other liquid does. This material is usually found in science museums and technology products, but you can now see it in action by having it in your own bedroom! Dutch designer Zelf Koelman uses the elements of nature mixed with modern technology in his creation, Ferrolic. Ferrolic is a digital clock that uses ferrofluid to display different designs and times on the clock. It incorporates free-flowing elements of nature, with technology to create a stunning display of what appears to be dancing blobs. These dancing blobs can move to imitate living creatures, as well as move around the display to tell the time. To control the displays, you can choose between transitions, time, and text by using their internal system that can be accessed on a web-browser. The movement of the ferrofluid creates a mesmerizing display that feels organic yet somewhat futuristic. Users are even able to create their own designs using the internal system. Ferrofluid was created in the early 1960s by NASA engineer Steve Papell as a way to move liquids in space. The liquid magnetizes in a magnetic field and often creates spike-like shapes when magnetized. The Ferrolic clock uses magnetic technology to create moving displays of the ferrofluid. Contrary to what it looks like, there is no magnet that is moving around to make these designs. The clock uses a  series of magnets behind the display that are switched on and off to make the ferrofluid move across the clock. There is an extremely limited production of these clocks. At this stage, these clocks are a prototype, and Zelf is working on creating a longer lifetime for the liquid. You can read more about this product on Ferrolic’s website.

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