Feel Seating System : Squishy Balls Lounge

‘An emotional state of the body’; that’s the phrase used by designers to describe the very essence and purpose of this new product. The Feel Seating System, made out of a mass of squishy balls connected by elastic fabric has quickly found its way into the living rooms and lounges of many homes and offices, as it offers not just a seating space, but an emotional escape into peaceful oblivion. Feel-Seating-System-02 Designed by Animi Causa boutique, the Feel Seating System is essentially a seat/sofa/couch/bed/ of oversized dimensions made up of 120 soft balls joined by elastic fabric. The balls are made of a 100% foam, while the upholstery is made of stretch fabric, all to accommodate the essence of comfort and ease perpetrated by this product. The beauty of the seating system is that it is amorphous and hence, tenable to change in shape and easily adaptable to whatever environment its been placed in. The original shape is inspired by molecular structure and on its own, it lays flat like a three-dimensional blanket. It is precisely this molecular design that allows it to fit any apartment size and change shape to suit its users. Feel-Seating-System-01 Not only is it tenable in shape but also in functional. Users can do whatever they want on it, whether that be sit, sleep, relax, lie down; it’s ideal for singles, couples, families etc. The bright red and blue colours in which it comes also lend the product character which in turn is portrayed in the room in which it is kept, giving its environment a more colourful, springy feel. The comfort offered by this product is one that is too tempting to pass by. A comfortable seating system that can accommodate one and all, the Feel Seating System is a product that aims to live up to it’s very name.

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