Fathom One: The Affordable Underwater Drone

The Fathom One was created by a group of outdoor enthusiasts, scuba divers, and filmmakers who wanted to share their passion for underwater exploration with others. This underwater drone is fully modular, portable, easy to use, and under 600 dollars. fathom-one-the-affordable-underwater-drone-01 The Fathom One couldn’t be easier to use. Simply connect the drone to the provided WiFi buoy, and then use the Fathom app on any smart device to wirelessly link with the buoy. Then you are free to explore underwater from any location and share the footage to social media. fathom-one-the-affordable-underwater-drone-05 The modular thruster attachment system includes all three of the Fathom One’s thrusters. There are two on the sides and one on the rear that clips on and off. This allows you to customize and upgrade your device any way you want. You can also design and build your own. fathom-one-the-affordable-underwater-drone-03 The integrated rail system allows you to attach action cameras, additional sensors, as well as extra lights. After a single charge, the onboard battery enable up to one hour of run time. You can connect the power cable to the drone’s tether cable and plug it in to recharge. fathom-one-the-affordable-underwater-drone-02 The 100-foot tether allows for easy retrieval. The buoy also creates its own WiFi network which allows you to control it using the smart device app within a 100 foot radius. fathom-one-the-affordable-underwater-drone-07 The Fathom One is the most portable underwater drone in the world and can easily be carried around to your next camping trip. You don’t have to get under the water to enjoy it with the Fathom One underwater drone.

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