Despite the rise of touch-of-a-button technology in today’s cooking systems, still half of the world’s population cook over an open fire. Such method does not only contribute to the alarming rise of deforestation, but also increases pollution in the atmosphere and affect the health of families cooking in this way. With these concerns in mind, Veryday AB has developed EzyStove with the help of local users in Africa.


EzyStove is a revolutionary wood-burning stove for developing countries. It is easy to use, safe, and portable. The stove’s inner chamber traps the heat and insulates it from its surroundings, enabling less wood consumption and faster cooking. Additionally, EzyStove significantly reduces CO² and other toxic gas emissions by 60-80%.


The Ezystove comes flat-packed. It is delivered as five metal sheets, with bent steel rods and rivets. The stove has a simple design for easy construction by local users, who do not have access to advanced tools. There is a small hearth that sits on a supporting frame, and wood is simply pushed inside the stove’s chute.


Since EzyStove is shipped unassembled, any small local workshop can have it put together, and thus, creating local job opportunities. The goal is to sell EzyStove at a low price so that people in need can afford them.


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