Expanding Power: One-Size-Fits-All Battery

The Fit-in Battery is an ingenious design from Kim Tae Heon that modifies a standard AAA-battery to be used in AA- or A-battery slots. While it is still in the concept stage, this adapter could change the necessity for multiple types of batteries. expanding-power-one-size-fits-all-battery-02 In addition to being able to fit AAA-batteries into other sized slots, the Fit-in Battery adapter takes away the hassle of having to remove batteries from difficult and finicky slots. The motivating idea behind this product is to narrow life down to the essentials. With the Fit-in Battery, you won’t need multiple batteries of different sizes to do the same job. expanding-power-one-size-fits-all-battery-03 The adapter is a good design, as it extends to fit properly in whatever AAA to A slot of your choosing. The Fit-in adjustable battery will eliminate complications of looking for different sized batteries, especially in an emergency situation. The Fit-in will save time and allow you to use your devices without hassle.

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