Exocet: Multifunctional Chair

We all know how frustrating it is when furniture is crafted with a one-size-fits-all approach. This is especially true with the example of chairs– pieces we use for sitting, for hours, every single day. Now, think of it in the same way as sleeping positions: some people enjoy sleeping on their backs, others on their sides, and others just love sleeping on their stomachs. Similarly, different people have different needs for sitting positions. To meet the needs of today’s users, Exocet was created. This multifunctional chair came to life thanks to Stéphane Leathead, creative director and designer at Designarium. Leathead’s design won the A’Design Award, specifically in the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design category in 2014-2015. exocet-multifunctional-chair-2 Exocet is not your typical chair. Chairs are generally very traditional with hard and straight lines of wood. Exocet is different with its smooth curves and slat shape, ensuring comfort, support, and style. Moreover, this multifunctional chair is made from Baltic birch and aluminium. Made from very few pieces, Exocet is perfect for any space, all while bringing simplicity and elegance into your home. Whether your home follows an industrial interior design or a minimalistic style, touch up your home with this modern piece of furniture. Now, grab your favourite book, turn on the tv, or simply relax and drink some coffee, all in different positions, yet with the same comfort. exocet-multifunctional-chair-1 Some people enjoy rocking chairs, others prefer stable chairs, and some like both but switch it up every now and then. Exocet allows users to transform the multifunctional chair to match their current needs. Simply release the pressure with the handle. Then, move the section around the cylinder to create the preferred arrangement. Finish it off by tightening the handle. There you go: in just a few easy steps, you have a unique chair that matches your unique preferences. Overall, Exocet is an award-winner due to its creative and clever design, minimalism, and extremely high quality. exocet-multifunctional-chair-3

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