Evo: The All-In-One Smartphone Gadget

Smartphones are essential to contemporary life, and all the little knick knacks we need to keep them charged up and connected seems endless. The designers behind Evo are trying to group everything you’d need for your smartphone into one, streamlined device. They’ve made the smartphone gadget to end all gadgets. This all-in-one gadget for your smartphone has everything you need and more to get the most out of your smartphone and keep it secure. evo_02 The Evo is a smartphone companion that comes in a small package, but packs a punch in terms of functionality. The Evo can keep your phone charged on the go in three different ways: through its built-in battery, wall charger and USB cable. The surge protector will keep your device safe while plugged into any outlet. The Evo has a SD card reader for extra storage for your phone, has a Bluetooth tracker (so you can find your phone with your Evo, or your Evo with your phone), and a stand to angle your phone for looking at pictures and watching videos. evo_03 A great feature in Evo’s design are the programmable buttons on the front. Using the Evo app, the three buttons can be programmed for a multitude of functions, such as to control the music on your phone, act like a remote for your camera, or as an alert to an emergency contact. This is all done through Bluetooth. There is also a security feature that locks your phone when you move away from your smartphone. The Evo as everything you could need and more in a smartphone gadget, and it’s small enough to fit on your keychain – smart and compact. Smartphones are such a huge part of modern life that it’s no surprise that this Kickstarter project has already surpassed its crowdfunding goals. The campaign ends in March, so you can still be one of the first to get your hands on this cool gadget. Video:

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