At times, it can be difficult finding the one, multi-purpose, exceedingly useful piece of furniture that brings together the entire home.

Collin Garrity, Missouri designer, created the Everyday Folding Table– honestly, one of the most practical pieces of furniture a homeowner can have.


Need a spot to eat family dinners? Need a spacious study space? Need a lightweight table for picnic days at the park? The possibilities are endless. That’s the beauty of this folding table. It’s for any and every possible day. By simply adding this piece to your home, your creativity will constantly be put to the test.


The folding table has a Black Walnut top and White Oak legs, made from high quality Missouri wood. It is a 6’ long and 2’ wide table that is 28.5″ tall and, when folded, it is 6″ thick.

Homeowners will discover this folding table’s usefulness due to the ease in folding and unfolding, carrying, and storing the table in your home. Whether you’re set on your current home or you plan on moving in the future, this foldable piece of furniture works for any home situation.


The Everyday Folding Table is ideal for any person, for any event, and for any type of home. The simplicity and beauty matches any home design. Whichever style it is, this table’s character has the ability to bring together your entire home. This modern, aesthetically pleasing, multi-purpose piece is a home essential.

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