The Everlast Notebook: Endlessly Reusable

The notebook of the future has arrived. The Everlast is light, convenient, and basically indestructible. We should all be excited because paper cuts and loose sheets are about to make a quick exit. Everlast-02 Available in two sizes: “Letter” with 32 pages (8.5 x 11) or “Executive” with 36 pages (6 x 8). Rocketbook, the company behind this product, has succeeded in making a notebook that doesn’t harm our environment because it is completely reusable. The pages are a dot grid pattern to remain practical for any subject and can be erased with a wet cloth. This isn’t just a whiteboard mimic. Each sheet is constructed to imitate real paper with a glossy touch ensuring that your writing still feels natural. Everlast-03 The pens used alongside the Everlast are all from the Pilot Frixion line. They are ballpoint and are available in various colors. You don’t even have to worry about smudging, the pen and notebook ensure a 15-second dry guarantee and no whip away. Everlast-05 The free Rocketbook app allows you to download your notes onto the following platforms: dropbox, evernote, google drive, box, slack, or to your email address. It will also electronically date and keep track of your notes in perfect order so this way you’ll never run the risk of missing papers. Everlast-6 Here’s is the coolest thing about the Everlast. Everything you write is transferred to an online file, the quality of your notes is sharpened. The camera for the rocketbook app is programmed to detect your notes through the intelligent pages of the Everlast, no matter what messy background your notebook is in. The result is a high definition and eligible quality of your work. Everlast-04 Draw, write or doodle, it doesn’t matter what you’re using this journal for as long as you keep creating. To purchase your own Everlast reusable notebook, click here.

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