Everglide: Shape-Shifting Bike For Urban Commute

Everglide is a shape-shifting bike that is designed to provide convenience in portability and storage, just right for urban commute. Based on an innovative concept, this multi-purpose and unusual design combines a bicycle with a backpack. Everglide-Bike 02 Created by Australian designer Frag Woodall, this unique device can easily be folded down into its rear carry-case. The integrated solution makes it easily portable, as it can be wheeled, or confined to a backpack or used as a cycle. Everglide-bike-03 This intelligent and clever design makes the Evergilde bike pack a highly user-friendly device mainly because of its collapsing central bottom bracket feature. Releasing the central locking lever results in certain simultaneous actions: the frame splits folding the bike, and the shaft-drive gears disengage enabling free-wheel and pedal folding. You can also plug in smart devices, such as phones and iPods, as this folding unit uses frictionless magnetic dynamo technology. Everglide-bike-04 Not only extremely practical and easy to carry, the design also provides its users speed. The device represents a holistic and sustainable approach and is lightweight as well. This integrated and practical solution provides the user hassle free portability as it can be carried on various forms of public transport such as trams, trains or buses. By all means Everglide is the perfect city-bike. everglide-bike-05

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