Evapolar: Your Own Personal Air Conditioner

The Evapolar is a desktop personal air conditioner and is unique in many ways. Working on the simple, most efficient and ancient cooling technology of water evaporation, this modern and minimalist design creates a personal microclimate just suitable for you. Evapolar-01 With this personal microclimate device you can enjoy the ultimate luxury and comfort of pure air as it not only chills, but also humidifies and purifies. Evapolar-02 Entirely eco friendly, Evapolar is 12 times more energy efficient than that of the regular run-of-the-mill air conditioners. This amazing device is made of special evaporative nano-material, and emulates a soft and natural chilling process to cool the air. Evapolar-03 Portable and compact, Evapolar creates a healthy and pure environment for your skin and hair. Though it is small and compact, this special air conditioner is incredibly powerful and can easily be placed on your desk. Evapolar-04 This indeed is a revolution in the world of air conditioning devices. Evapolar automatically creates a suitable and personalized microclimate, as opposed to the standard temperature and air provided by regular, shared air conditioners. Evapolar-05 Video:

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