EVAK: Air Out Glass Food Containers

Food that is exposed to air goes stale or rotten more quickly: it’s science. By rethinking airtight seals, Ed Kilduff of Pollen Design created the EVAK food container storage system. evak-food-storage-container-07 Available in two sizes, the EVAK seals to increase the freshness of stored foods. With a wide lid handle and a glass container, the EVAK appears as it functions, practical yet innovative. The clear glass containers compliment the natural colours of food: whether that food is pastas, teas, nuts, or beans. So, this food storage system would definitely look attractive on any kitchen countertop, as a modest and colourful display. evak-food-storage-container-02 In the lid, two umbrella-style valves and an interior silicone gasket work together to create an airtight seal. As the lid is pushed down, the first valve draws air out of the container; reversely, as the lid is pulled up, the second valve lets air back into the container. With a little help from the twin-valve system, the silicone gasket slides gently along the inside of the glass container, sealing at any resting point. evak-food-storage-container-05 Unlike other common airtight food storage systems, the EVAK uses glass containers. The stainless steel lid casing and the Borosilicate glass container are the only parts that come into contact with your food: no plastics. Because the glass is made from Borosilicate, the containers are odor, stain, and thermal resistant. To clean, the stainless steel lid casing (which can be twisted off the lid) and the glass container are dishwasher safe—with the external handle needing only a quick wipe. evak-food-storage-container-06 The EVAK system is changing the science behind food storage. As a healthier alternative to contemporary food storage systems, the formula behind the EVAK is simple: airtight seal plus glass container equals freshest foods.

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