Estudio Persona Presents Latin “Rock ‘N Roll” Furniture

Although furniture really makes a house into a home, it can be really boring to look at by itself. There is a place for practical furniture, but there is also room for exciting pieces of art that bring a room to life and give it a soul. Uruguayan design duo Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young have made a furniture collection that does exactly that through their studio, Estudio Persona. Estudio Persona presents Latin “Rock ‘N Roll” furniture. The furniture collection is inspired by the duo’s native homeland; in particular their hometown of Montevideo, with its European and rural roots. To capture that ambience, the colour scheme is deliberately against the traditionally bright hues of Latin American décor and utilizes subdued colours. As a means to further enhance this mood, the materials are natural and a matte finish is used. Within the collection there are several names for the different sets. To start, there is the Una dining room set. This set is comprised of a large wooden dining table with thick cylindrical legs and accompanying chair in all-black or maple. The chairs use the shape of the table’s cylindrical legs turned 90 degrees to serve as the backrest. The backrest is connected by a wooden dowel to create a “T” shape above the horseshoe seat. The other chair in the collection is called the Nido chair. Available in several colours, a leather-upholstered shell creates the seat and the back, while two timber panels intersect at a cross to make the base of the chair. Also included in the set are two side tables. The Puru and Totem side tables utilize the cylindrical shape of the Una table legs. The Puru is made of stainless steel and a support made of untreated wood. The Totem comes in black-stained wood, maple, and concrete, and can be used separately or combined in a tower to save space. Estudio’s Latin-inspired furniture collection offers must-have furniture if you want to liven up your space. To get your own pieces, or look at more of their designs, check out their website.

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