GearEye: Gear Management System

GearEye is a technical solution to keep all of your equipment pieces safely accounted for. Equipment for work; or equipment for play; or any kind of equipment that is collective for a function; can be traced and counted by the GearEye. All it takes are a few quick steps to set up. It operates on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to locate all of your equipment pieces. You register the GearEye in your mobile as an app, and when you use this app, you will be informed if all your equipment is placed where it needs to be or is missing. geareye-1 The GearEye consists of a dongle or a cover for your personal mobile and stickers. The dongle is referred to as the GearEye Dongle; the cover is referred to as the GearEye Cover; and the stickers are referred to as the GearTags. You have a choice of the GearEye Dongle or the GearEye Cover. There are two types of GearTags: ones for metal and the others for non-metal materials. Depending on what you pledge on Kickstarter; the GearEye Cover or the GearEye Dongle, and the GearTags will vary. You can get more of either depending on the amount you pledge. geareye-2 The function of the dongle and cover is the same. The cover is used for certain phones (iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy) only, and it works by using the phone’s sensors for accurate sensing. All you need to do is hover your phone encased in the GearEye Cover over your equipment bag/case to get a reading of your belongings. The GearEye Dongle needs to be placed on the edge of your bag/case and with that location it will read your equipment’s whereabouts. If there is an item you’ve enlisted missing, you need to take out the dongle, put it to the back of your phone, scan your bag once more, and if items are still missing items, you can hit the locate button on your app to track it. geareye-3 The GearEye is a very unique and innovation product that will prove its worth immediately. Currently in the market for tracking items are bluetooth trackers, and those are quite expensive for each individual item. Support this project on Kickstarter and you will be glad of this investment at such a low cost.

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