Equil Smartmarker Records Everything You Write

Perhaps you’ve always wished for a way to capture everything your professor writes in class without laboriously recopying it yourself. Perhaps you’ve been on the hunt for a way to keep track of everything your colleagues scrawl on the board during meetings.  Either way, you’re in luck!  Luidia Inc. has developed the Equil Smartmarker, a gadget that records everything you write. equil_smartmarker_2 (3) (738x490) A California-based company that strives to “[make] every surface smart”, Luidia Inc. combines technology with everyday objects to create simple and efficient products.  No exception, the Smartmarker couldn’t be any easier to use.  Simply insert any (dry-erase) marker into the Smartmarker sleeve to make it “smart”; there’s no need to purchase a special type of marker. equil_smartmarker-10 (738x493) Next, place the Equil board station on to the surface of your choice.  Again, a fancy new board isn’t necessary here; the sleeve and station are all you need to make any surface smart. equil_smartmarker-3 (738x494) Now all you have to do is put marker to board. With a capture area of 16 feet (8 feet to the left of the station, and 8 feet to the right) by 5 feet, the space will certainly fit any notes, charts, or diagrams you create. equil_smartmarker-6 (738x493) Using Bluetooth technology, the Smartmarker connects to any smart device, be it your phone, tablet, or computer.  The marker’s built-in memory is guaranteed to record and save all of your work.  Everything becomes instantly digitized, allowing you to go back in on your device and edit to your heart’s desire. equil_smartmarker-7 (738x492) And for your convenience, all Equil Smartmarker notes are compatible with programs such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, and Microsoft OneNote.  What’s more, the gadget now has real-time streaming capabilities with Equil’s new Note app, perfect for online conferencing! equil_smartmarker-8 (738x487) So save yourself the trouble of constantly recopying work, or snapping several not-so-great photos of whiteboards.  Keep using your current markers and whiteboards, but make them smarter with Equil’s Smartmarker technology. Check out Equil’s launch video to see the Smartmarker work its magic:

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