eora 3D: A 3D Laser Scanner Connected To Your Phone

What if I told you, you can get a high-tech, high-powered, high-precision 3D scanner for less than $300 USD that can also fit into your satchel? The eora3D is a cellphone attachment and app that allows you to scan 3D models of any object within a square meter of the scanner with a precision of sub 500-microns (a resolution of 8,000,000 vertices). For objects greater than the capture field you can take multiple scans and piece them together within the app. eora3D-01Sleek and elegant, the scanner itself is a lovely piece of hardware. Despite the revolutionary tech inside, the aluminum cylinder housing the laser is compact and acts as a tripod holding up your cellphone during scans. Likewise, the app itself is simply laid out despite the complexity of the operation. All the user has to do is press the “scan” button and they’ll have a perfect 3D model on their phone, which they can then upload to Dropbox. eora3D-03 One of the most surprisingly significant features of the eora3D is its green laser. While more expensive to produce than a red laser, cell phones’s digital sensors are actually much more sensitive to green light which allows the device to be used under various lighting conditions, including outside. eora3D-04 While not necessary to operate the device, the eora3D also has an optional turntable that makes scanning smaller objects easier and connects to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth. eora3D-05 Compatible on both IOS and Android, the eora3D is perfect for artists, graphic designers, or just tech junkies who appreciate good design. Already $400,000 past its goal and counting, check out eora3D’s Kickstarter campaign and maybe even order yours for the $255 USD Kickstarter special.

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