Engineer’s “Pico Dwelling” Micro Apartment

In the construction of his incredibly tiny ‘pico-dwelling’, Boeing engineer Steven Sauer combined his pragmatic design along with his keen craftsmanship skills to push the limits of defining his ultra-efficient space. engineer-pico-dwelling-micro-apartment-02a This once-storage unit turned 182 sq. ft. apartment utilizes industrial strength materials like carbon steel and concrete, along with re-imagined, machined commercial parts that Sauer personally fabricated. engineer-pico-dwelling-micro-apartment-03 Along with many city permit obstacles, designing and building his home took over 10 years. This attests to Sauer’s tenacity to evolve his space and adapt his lifestyle to its most simple essentials. Passive heating, ambient lighting, plumbing resolutions and a variety of other design features reflect the precision, quality and cost-effective solutions that this space merits. engineer-pico-dwelling-micro-apartment-04 Like many small-space dwellings, this apartment challenges the defined understanding of what a liveable space should be and perhaps rightfully helps us rethink and revisit what our cities allow and permit. Video:

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