SaverClip: The Energy-Measuring Clasps

Even when not in use, your electronics are constantly drawing standby power (a.k.a, “vampire power”) when left plugged in. Most devices are designed to draw standby power while switched off, meaning there are thousands of households across the country wasting electricity. With the SaverClip by LufDesign, you can directly monitor how much power each individual device uses when switched on or off. energy-saver-clip-03 Simply place the SaverClip onto any wire plug, and it will read and measure electromagnetic fields that your devices produce. energy-saver-clip-01 Leaving a charger plugged in all day will do little to affect your hydro bill. However, you might not be aware just how much electricity your household wastes on an average day. A device like the SaverClip allows you to monitor and improve your home’s efficiency. energy-saver-clip-02 The SaverClip charges itself using the wire plug it is attached to and will continuously update usage information on its LCD display. As wasted electricity is silent and invisible, a constant visual reminder might make it easier for you to conserve energy. energy-saver-clip-04

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