Ember: The Temperature Adjustable Travel Mug

Any caffeine lover knows how important a few cups of coffee or tea are to get through the day. One of the more frustrating parts of the beverage making process is actually drinking it. Initially the beverage always seems to be much too hot. Then after letting it sit for what only feels like a minute, the drink is too cool and it’s being tossed in the microwave for a warm-up. Thankfully the Ember temperature adjustable travel mug is the solution to this ongoing annoyance. ember-mug-01 After the brewing of your coffee or tea is complete, simply pour the liquid into the Ember. The mug features a rotating base that allows you to immediately adjust the temperature of the liquid. You have the option of cooling it down and warming it up. The temperature will be displayed near the base of the mug and once it has been set, the beverage will remain at that temperature for two hours. If two hours isn’t long enough, you also have the option of placing the Ember mug on it’s charging coaster where it will stay the desired temperature all day long. ember-mug-03 The Ember also features an app that allows you to quickly change the desired temperature from your smart device. Simply choose and save your presets for different drinks to ensure that whichever beverage you’re sipping on is good to go! ember-mug-05 In addition to this incredibly unique temperature setting feature, the mug also includes many other ideal properties. It features a leakproof lid that is designed to feel like you’re drinking out of a ceramic mug. The body of the mug has a contoured shape so that it can be comfortably held, and is BPA-free. ember-mug-04 Overall, the Ember mug is a practical and convenient must-have for any individual who regularly drinks hot chocolate, coffee or tea. No more burnt tongues!

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