Elite Innovations: Modern Pool Tables

Revolutionize your indoor recreation space with a modern pool table by Elite Innovations. Their new, patented technology, Vitrik, promises to replicate the exact rolling resistance of a standard felt table on toughened glass rather than slate. elite-innovations-pool-02 The Vitrik playing surface provides shock absorption to protect the glass layer beneath. Completely transparent, Vitrik has consistent playing conditions for its entire lifetime. The glass surface will also stay perfectly flat, much unlike cloth tables, which sag over time and require careful use and expensive maintenance. elite-innovations-pool-04 These transparent pool tables, which are not only highly functional and durable, also come in a number of modern designs to suit any space. elite-innovations-pool-03 In the G1 model, balls roll directly under the center of the playing surface and into coiled aluminum pockets which give it an edgy, industrial look. elite-innovations-pool-01 Other models feature a separate glass-coated ball return system contained to the edges of the table for those who appreciate a more minimalist aesthetic. The G4 model can be converted for table tennis or into a dining room table for limited urban space. elite-innovations-pool-05 Complete with aluminum cues, these tables will add some fun to your modern household, whatever your style. elite-innovations-pool-06

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