Eliodomestico: Solar Oven for Water Desalination

Designer Gabriele Diamanti has started an open-source project to tackle the problem of water desalination. Using solar energy, the Eliodomestico turns salty water into fresh drinking water. It is essentially a solar oven that uses heat from direct sunlight to separate H2O from the salt.

First, salty water is poured into the upper boiler in the morning.

Throughout the day, the sun heats up the upper boiler and increases the pressure, causing water to evaporate into steam. As the steam rises to the top, it condenses on the surface of the lid.

The condensed water is channeled into a pipe that leads to a water bowl at the bottom.

At the end of the day, the user comes back and collects his/her bowl of fresh water, which can be up to 5 litres per Eliodomestico.

There are no moving parts to Eliodomestico, which means there would be very little maintenance required. As for production, Diamanti wants Eliodomestico to be made 100% by the local population using widely available material such as clay and recycled metal sheets.


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