Electric Paint Lamp Kit

Finding the right lamp for a space can be a real challenge sometimes. Maybe the nearest outlet is too far away for the cord to reach, or the height just does not fit, or the angle just is not right. Whatever the reason, there is a simple, cool, and innovative way to light up your space with Bare Conductive’s, Electric Paint Lamp Kit. With some pieces of paper, the Electric Paint, and Light Up Board you can create the ideal lamp to suit your needs. To create the ideal lamp for your space, you do not need any tools, programming knowledge, or any other special skills. Easy-to-use, the kit provides everything you need to get started. Provided within it are: the light up board, 10 mL tube of Electric Paint, micro USB cable, touch lamp template, dimmer lamp template, proximity lamp template, and an instruction test sheet. The non-toxic water-based Electric Paint acts as a conductor for the Light Up Board. Connected by USB and powered by a power pack, laptop, or phone charger, the Light Up Board is compact and makes it possible to place your lamp wherever you want to. The kit allows you to create three different kinds of lamps. The different types are: touch, dimmer, and proximity. Create an on and off button to control the touch lamp, or make a scroll wheel to change the brightness with a dimmer lamp, or hover your hand over the proximity lamp. The provided templates in the kit will help you make each configuration. On top of the choice of which type of lamp you want to use, it is possible to use a variety of materials as your lamp shade. Paper is the easiest solution, but you can use plastic or textiles if you get it cut, or have the equipment to do so yourself. Cut and shape the shade in whatever manner you see fit to make the effect you want to see. The Electric Paint Lamp Kit allows you to transform a piece of paper into a lamp in three easy steps: paint, plug, and play. Do not let your interior decoration be held back by outlet locations or furniture choice. Use Bare Conductive’s innovative lamp solution to fit whatever space you can imagine. To find out more information or get your own, check out their Kickstarter.

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