Egg Minder: The Smart Egg Tray

Egg Minder is the smart egg tray you didn’t even know you needed! Seamlessly syncing with your smartphone with the use of an app, Egg Minder keeps an eye on your eggs so that you don’t have to. Egg-Minder-The-Smart-Egg-Tray-01 With the Egg Minder, you can instantly check if you are running low on eggs, or which of your eggs are close to expiring, so that you know to buy more the next time you are grocery shopping. Egg-Minder-The-Smart-Egg-Tray-04 Invented by Rafael I. Hwang, his idea was to maximize efficiency with his home gadgets. Egg-Minder-The-Smart-Egg-Tray-03 Egg Minder can hold up to 14 eggs and was even recently featured on Jay Leno! Egg-Minder -Smart-Egg-Tray-05 Video

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