Edo: Life-Sized Cardboard Bricks

Toys are ultimately meant to bring joy to children. Considering there are many manufacturers that produce different types of toys, one can undoubtedly assume it’s for that purpose. Enjoyment is dependent on the individual and since that starts at a very young age as anyone knows from personal experience, specific details for a specific toy will aim to bring out fondness while catering to a personal style. One can be creative and might be taken by a strong artistic trait of a toy; while another may be excited by an action of a toy. The EDO are cardboard bricks that will exercise a child’s creativity and develop a thought process for building. An EDO brick is designed to attach to another EDO brick to eventually make a structure of preference. EDO bricks are made from recycled material and still very sturdy for building upon. It comes in three different sizes too. A child knowing that cardboard bricks can be put together for creation and for fun will definitely reflect his or her personal style when playing with the EDO. In addition to the sole EDO bricks, there are sets available where EDO bricks are constructed into a character. Subsequently, sets wouldn’t only be subjected to that specific construction but to artwork as well. A child can draw, color, or paint on an EDO. The EDO was invented by three people: a man, his wife, and his sister. This couple has young children of their own, and were inspired to create the EDO. It was originally believed to be best for children aged 3-6 years, but was noticed older children found the EDO likeable too; so, there is no age restriction for the EDO. The EDO still needs to be supported on Kickstarter. The EDO, a toy that opens to personal creativity and construction, is an excellent gift for children.

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