The Edge: Adjustable Kneeling Chair-Desk

Whether you live in a tight dorm room, own a tiny apartment, rent a little studio, or work at a small office, you know that every inch of space is crucial. You’re hard working and you get work done. However, sometimes it’s difficult to maximize your time in such a fast-paced, multi-tasking, and overwhelming world. For these reasons, Marc Rosenberg, Steve and Jeff Rehkemper, and Jeff Jones, a group of masterminds behind the Edge, have created this chair-desk to solve all of your comfort-, productivity-, and space-related issues. edge-chair-desk-07 The Edge is an adjustable kneeling chair-desk that can be set up five different ways to adjust to various body shapes and sizes. This comfy chair-desk doesn’t stress your body. You don’t feel pain like you do after sitting on a couch or chair, slouching, for a long period of time. The Edge’s unique design helps you maintain proper posture. edge-chair-desk-02 Unlike a traditional, very cluttered desk, the Edge is simple. A cool option with this chair-desk includes accessorizing the outer “edge” while, still, having a clear working space. You could choose between a landscape orientation for desk work or quickly switch to portrait orientation for easel work. edge-chair-desk-06 Right out of the box, the desk comes as a single piece. This adjustable kneeling chair-desk is ideal for anyone, anywhere. The Edge is innovative, functional, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is sturdy and durable, and it can easily be stored, transported, and set up in simply 10 seconds. edge-chair-desk-03 Maximum comfort. Maximum productivity. Maximum space. So, you choose: This? edge-chair-desk-04 Or this? edge-chair-desk-05

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