EDC Pocket Bolt Pen: Auto Locking Compact Pen

It’s extremely convenient having a spare pen everywhere you go. However, it is even more frustrating having a pen in a bag or backpack, just to find ink stains later. It’s also annoying having a pen in your pocket, jabbing into your skin. Thanks to the EDC Pocket Bolt Pen, you can now have a high-quality pen that automatically locks, solving the issue of ink stains and pointy jabs. pocket-bolt-pen-03 Kevin Hayes, the creator of Blank Forces, is a product designer who created this cool new innovative pen. Three unique versions of this 4-inch pen have been created: the pocket version, the keychain version, and the clip version– perfect for any and every type of person. pocket-bolt-pen-05 pocket-bolt-pen-06 pocket-bolt-pen-07 Each of the three versions come with either ROUND or HEX barrels, as well as a range of metal combinations. Whichever version you choose, high quality is assured. The pen is strong, fast, and easy and fun to use! Perfect to take with you anytime and anywhere, the EDC Pocket Bolt Pen is a lifestyle essential. Make your travel easier with EDC– “everyday carry”. pocket-bolt-pen-04 Each pen comes with one OHTO Needle Point Refill (0.7 mm) preinstalled and ready to use. This pocket bolt pen uses standard black ink refills, which are easily accessible. A cool option– laser engravings, creating millimetre and inch measurement scales–creates an even more functional pen. pocket-bolt-pen-08 The “JOIN or DIE” graphic is also a really neat option! pocket-bolt-pen-09 So, whether you need to sign a card, jot some notes, or write down the digits you just scored, the EDC Pocket Bolt Pen is your best choice. Check out the Kickstarter page here!

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