Ecovacs Winbot 7

When it comes to floor cleaning systems, there are an abundance of automated cleaning machines in all shapes and sizes. However, when it comes to cleaning windows, most are still doing it manually and usually do not look forward to doing this task. With Ecovacs’ Winbot 7 (not an operating system), people can have the inside and outside of their windows cleaned by a robot. “Others are still trying to clean floors,” said Nick Savadian, Executive General Manager. “We’ve moved on to windows and I’m very pleased to say we do windows really well too.” Winbot02 The remote-controlled Winbot cleans glasses of any thickness including Thermopane windows. It automatically determines its cleaning path based on the window size. Winbot programs a zigzag path that ensures the glass is cleaned thoroughly. The company guarantees Winbot delivers a scratch-free, non-slip, silent cleaning. Winbot03 Ecovacs has designed Winbot 7 with several safety features. Its internal vacuum pump and seals have powerful suction ability. The dual suction rings automatically detects any loss of suction and adjusts its settings accordingly. Should any problem occur while Winbot is cleaning, it will automatically stop, and an indicator light will flash and an alarm will sound. Winbot04 Winbot is easy to use. Just press the start button, and it will commence its three-stage cleaning process. First, dirt is moistened, loosened and absorbed by the front cleaning pad. Second, the remaining water-borne dirt and dampness are drawn off the window by a squeegee. Third, the rear cleaning pad wipes the window to a dry clean finish. When it’s done cleaning, it will signal that the job is finished and will return to its original starting position. Winbot05 Video:

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