Ecopedal: Hands-Free Water Control

A product that carries the name Ecopedal immediately gives a conception of its functionality; a pedal with an ecological purpose. Eco- means having to do with the environment, and unsurprisingly the Ecopedal does! Not just as an association with the environment but as a means to serve the environment with water reduction. This pedal is minimal in size and can be set near one’s sink, either in the kitchen or the bathroom, and it is stepped on to turn on the flow of water from a faucet and when a foot is released the water flow stops. One might be tempted to think that it’s no different than using the faucet tap itself as it too turns on and off the flow of water. However, the idea of this gadget was built around the importance of using a hands-free system. For instance, if one’s hands are dirty, the faucet will become dirty as well because turning on the faucet will transmit dirt to it before the hands undergo a wash. Yes, that’s double the trouble; cleaning one thing dirties another giving way to another needed cleaning. But if one presses the Ecopedal with his/her foot then there is no mark of dirt on the faucet and no additional drops. Not needing to clean the faucet results in a significant reduction in water. How neat. Figuratively and literally, of course. Also, some might find it easier and more natural to press down on the pedal with their feet. With this in mind, we can find other ways to use this product with water reduction around the house. In the meantime, setting up this water-saving device around one’s kitchen or bathroom sink gives an efficient run for saving one’s pocket book! For more information or to make a purchase go the following website:

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