eCool: Underground Earth Cooler for Beverages

Keep your beer or soda refreshingly cold underground with the eCool earth cooler. It makes use of subterranean temperatures that are naturally lower, so there is no need to use any electricity. This way you can even save some space in your fridge and make room for the big bowl of egg salad that’s dangerously close to becoming lukewarm.  eCool-Underground-Earth-Cooler-for-Beverages-02 The earth cooler is easy enough to install and use—all you need is either a garden drill or a shovel and a muscle-y arm or two. Drink dispensing is powered by a hand crank and the cooler stores up to two dozen standard-size (12 oz.) cans at a time. The lid, which charmingly resembles a bottle cap, provides good insulation that maintains more or less the same temperature throughout the entire cooler.  eCool-Underground-Earth-Cooler-for-Beverages-03 You can leave the earth cooler outside in the yard all year round. Its internal temperature will of course depend season to season, but this way, you can enjoy a cold one while basking in the summer sun on your lawn (without having to get up to go to the fridge) or when taking a break from all the leaf-raking in the fall. You can even expect your beer to remain frost-free during the winter.  eCool-Underground-Earth-Cooler-for-Beverages-04 This is an environmentally sustainable way for you to enjoy what you love without having to settle for that dreadful room-temperature beer. Better yet, it is a great place to hide your beer if you find that your roommates or friends have been taking a few too many liberties with your drink supply. Watch the video:

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