EcoFire: The Portable Fireplace

The sentiment of a bonfire is something everyone relishes. Sitting around the campfire sharing, (or not sharing) s’mores and stories make great memories. Unfortunately, it may be inconvenient, or simply not plausible to create a large fire in the space you live. Now, there is a solution. EcoFire-The-Portable-Fireplace-06 EcoFire is a portable and eco-friendly, wood-burning stove that turns any biomass into a smokeless and powerful flame. This means that whenever you feel like roasting a marshmallow or two, you can. It brings the outdoor campfire experience anywhere you take it. All you need to make a hot fire are sticks, twigs, pinecones, wood pellets- even paper works. You can cook, boil water, roast or grill a meal for family and friends. This one-size-fits-all design is good for a few people, as well as many. EcoFire-The-Portable-Fireplace-01   Made of tetanized stainless steel and high strength aluminum alloy, EcoFire‘s outer most layer of steel is perforated to prevent intense heat build up. The heat resistant fan, powered by an external battery or solar charger, blows oxygen into the chamber through ventilation holes at the bottom. This creates the flame. EcoFire-The-Portable-Fireplace-03 The process of injecting air into the burn chamber makes for a clean and stable fire. Temperatures can be increased up to a 1000 degrees Celsius. In the end, you can return the ashes, or biochar (the remains of burning organic material at a very high temperature), back to nature. Or use it for fertilizing soil and compost. EcoFire-The-Portable-Fireplace-05 At the weight of 1.70 lbs, you can easily throw it in a backpack and take it to a friend’s house or the park and have a campfire anytime you please.

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