Ecofarm: Grow Your Own Food Using Aquaponics

Bring urban farming into your kitchen with Ecofarm. Developed by a Dutch company called Ecobird, the Ecofarm is a mini-loop ecosystem that allows you to grow fresh produce with minimal effort. ecofarm-grow-your-own-food-04 Ecobird founders, Ignacio Lopéz and Alex Konijnenburg.
Ecofarm uses an Aquaponic technique which cultivates plants using the nutrient-rich waste of aquatic animals. Contaminated water from the fish tank is pumped up into a “grow bed”, where plants grow on top of stones and are nourished and fertilized by the excrement of the fish. The plants also keep the water clean, creating the perfect balance for a self-sustaining ecosystem. According to Ecobird, Aquaponics uses 90% less water than traditional farming methods and offers 100% organic produce. Just remember to feed your fish. ecofarm-grow-your-own-food-02 The Ecofarm has a freestanding triangle base fish tank fashioned out of high quality plastic to reduce weight and increase functionality. It can rest flat against a wall or comfortably in a corner, making it ideal for tight spaces. ecofarm-grow-your-own-food-05 Ecobird’s Kickstarter page says the space-saving design of the Ecofarm allows room for plants such as herbs, cherry tomatoes, mini-peppers, and strawberries. All from the convenience of your kitchen counter. ecofarm-grow-your-own-food-03 The Ecofarm Aquaponics starter kit, starting at 85 Euros, comes with a fish tank, water solution, a grow bed, growing stones, seeds, and a pump. The kit was available for pre-order on Kickstarter, with earliest shipments slated for March 2015.

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