EasiSpread: Heated Butter Knife

Straight out of the fridge cold butter is very difficult to use. Spreading cold butter on your toast will possibly tear it, if not always. This is why EasiSpread, a heated knife, is a useful utensil to have around the kitchen. easispread-heated-butter-knife-03 This heated butter knife will let you cut and spread all your cold condiments with ease. Whether it be natural peanut butter or Nutella the EasiSpread is helpful with spreading all sorts of condiments. easispread-heated-butter-knife-01 EasiSpread is all about having more convenience in a kitchen. Some people will try to heat a regular butter knife over a stove or a toaster. However an action like that is potentially dangerous. The EasiSpread exclusively heats the blade of the knife with electrical heating; meaning, you do not have to worry about burning yourself on the handle. easispread-heated-butter-knife-07 EasiSpread will heat itself up from 0-35 degrees Celsius in five seconds. The EasiSpread at 35 degrees will soften butter or another solid condiment as it cuts. It softens without melting the condiment. Also, this moderate temperature makes the blade safe to the touch. After 80 seconds, the heating of the blade will automatically cease easing user’s minds about shutting the device off, and giving someone enough time to use it before it automatically shuts off. easispread-heated-butter-knife-04 This heated butter knife is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and comes with a convenient, sleek charging station that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen. The blade of the knife is detachable from its base allowing for safe cleaning. The EasiSpread, is a hot knife when cutting through butter or other condiments. One can support EasiSpread’s Kickstarter campaign and learn more by clicking here.

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