E-Inkey Dynamic Keyboard: Displays Keyboard Shortcuts

The E-inkey Dynamic Keyboard is an amazing concept launched by Indiegogo which not only aids in memorizing the shortcuts on different layouts but also customizes the keys.

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Designer Maxim Mezentsev and Aleksander Suhih worked out an interesting solution for those who use a wide variety of professional applications and find it hard to memorize all the shortcuts on the keyboard.

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Using e-ink screens as keyboard buttons, the E-Inkey is a Bluetooth keyboard that is clever enough to be able to customize the keys as per our needs or program we are using at any given moment. There are individual e-ink screens behind each key that are dynamic, and change when you switch the applications on your Mac. A small symbol appears on the key telling you of the short cut you can use.

E-inkey- Dynamic- Keyboard - Displays- Keyboard- Shortcuts-03

Each key is context-sensitive and adapts to the program you are using. The E-Inkey keyboard concept uses the e-paper technology, so you don’t have to worry about how the shortcuts differ on Microsoft Excel and Adobe Dreamweaver or Photoshop.

E-inkey- Dynamic -Keyboard - Displays -Keyboard-Shortcuts-04

Not just Keyboard shortcuts, the E-Inkey is also a brilliant concept for those who need to type in two different languages. You can even switch your languages with a click on your Mac. This feature sure saves money, as you do not need to purchase multiple keyboards for different languages.

E-inkey- Dynamic- Keyboard - Displays- Keyboard-Shortcuts-05

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