This Is Dutch: Amsterdam Dresser

These cabinets have a history behind them. Inspired by Amsterdam canal houses from the seventeenth century, you can build an entire street in your own room. Marie-Louise Groot Kormelink, the creator of these cabinets, designed them after she was unable to find anything she liked when putting together her children’s rooms. She also wanted to ensure that her designs could last through the growing stages of her children, from baby to toddler and beyond. Not only has she brought history and home decor together, but she’s also given kids (and adults) a unique furniture piece. The cabinets are multifunctional. They can either be used to store clothes, personal belongings or loose home items. They are available in 10 different colours, either in a pastel or bright, and can be placed in any room. Inside this design you can choose to have three or four shelves and a hanging rod. The hight is customizable so you can choose how prominent these cabinets are and you can maximize their use. The dimensions are: H 198 x W 55 x D 55 cm H 78″ x W 21.7″ x D 21.7″ Stanard weight: 88 lbs. Gable options include: Bell Neck Step The Dutch dresser was created to inspire children and adults to fill their homes with creative furniture. These cabinets are fun and interactive for kids, but can also serve as a reminder of the world. All good architecture leaves people in awe, and this cabinet aims to recreate that. It also captures a cultural element of Holland. The houses that the cabinets are modeled after, are to this day, distinguishable and admired. In 2013, The Is Dutch: Amsterdam Dresser became a part of the Philadelphia Musem of Art. It was showcased as one of the best children’s designs in the past century. It received and continues to be given recognition from buyers and art collectors. To learn more about how to place an order and customize your own Dutch Dresses, click here.

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