Duplex Flip Light

As a two-in-one lampshade, this Duplex flip light can turn into a desk lamp for a working space or as a pendant light when you want to bright up a room. Designed by Shawn Yang, this duo lampshade was intended to be playful while providing optimal lighting. “Both ways bring comfort atmosphere into the living space,” Yang says. Duplex-flip-light-09 The design was drawn so that Duplex can easily alternate between desk lamp and pendant light. The upside-down funnel works as a flat surface by changing the light bulb’s position to the top instead of inside it. There is a small gap for the wire to run through so Duplex can stay completely flat on any surface. Duplex-flip-light-05 The wire will be used to hang the upside-down funnel when it is in pendant light mode. Duplex-flip-light-04 The wooden lampshade comes in either green or pink, Duplex will bring colour to any room! Duplex-flip-light-06 The Duplex flip light was part of Yang’s portfolio of design work which was his graduate project. Included in his portfolio as well is a giant Spirograph lab machine that can transfer two-dimensional patterns onto physical objects. Spirograph-lab-01 The machine’s name is self-titled for the Spirograph toy. How the toy works is that it draws petal-shaped concentric patterns by guiding a pen with interlocking plastic cogs and toothed rings – and the lab machine creates the patterns the same way. Spirograph-lab-02 With its motor and cogs, the industrial designer’s Spirograph shoots out resin in a constant pattern of concentric circles and ovals onto a piece of fabric or homeware. Homeware that the Spirograph lab machine can be used on includes plates, bowls, lampshades, and candleholders. Spirograph-lab-04 However, Yang did tweak his wooden Spirograph workstation. “I redesigned it by using magnets, which can reduce restrictions and are also easier to operate.” He said. Spirograph-lab-03 Yang is an industrial designer who graduated from Shih Chien University in 2016.

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