Duffy London: Swing Table Set

The Duffy London Swing Table Set is a unique and highly interesting piece of furniture created by Christopher Duffy for British designer brand Duffy London. Swing-Table-01 A cross between a swing set and a four-poster bed, the design ensures no more bored board meetings–this unit brings the playground into the boardroom. Your guests are sure to enjoy dinner or meeting at this unconventional table. Swing-Table-02 This swing table is suitable for both office and home use, and can be installed indoors or outdoors. The swing set is a self contained unit with each chair swinging independently. Swing-Table-03 It is all about creativity and ease as your staff or guests swing on the hanging chairs. The swing set can be inspiring and act as an icebreaker to a fun and delightful dinner. Swing-Table-04 Featuring a sturdy steel poster frame that suspends a minimalist and geometric pendant lampshade, the table “floats” between the 4 corners of the frame. A set of eight swing chairs hang from the top of the frame around the table. The lamp-shade is optional and comes in a number of bespoke finishes. This is a work and play design, and a delight for the guest as well for the host. Swing-Table-06 Video:

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