Duffel Stool: Drawstring Bag Inspired Stools

The Duffel Stool is inspired by drawstring duffel bags and can transform any space with its funky and functional design. Each of these duffle bag seats has a colourful strip along the bottom resembling the leather found on the bottom of a duffel bag. It was created by award-winning, New Zealand-born designer, Tim Webber, whose goal was to develop functional products that are innovative yet simple. The Duffel Stool is just that.


The Duffel Stool is a unique furniture piece for anywhere in your home or public spaces. If you enjoy having a fluid space where you can move your furniture around, then the Duffel Stool is for you. Featuring thick, marine rope handles, the Duffel Stool is easily moveable. You can arrange the stools to foster a collaborative environment or place them in a corner for a clean and open concept.


It has a timber frame and is covered in felted wool fabric, which makes it sturdy and durable yet soft enough for a children’s playroom. You can also pair the Duffel Stool with the Duffel Ottoman, which can function as a desk, to create an office or work space.


Available in an assortment of colours, the Duffel Stool can add a pop to your decor. It’s functional, simple and perfect for lovers of minimalist design.


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