Drumi: The Portable, Electricity-Free Washing Machine

A washing machine that consumes less energy, less time, and has a low environmental impact – the Drumi could not better embody the crux of IPPINKA’s ethos: consume less. Created by YIREGO, a Toronto-based innovative household design company, this foot-powered washing machine could be the solution often sought by those looking for a way to wash their items hassle-free. What makes the Drumi so appealing is it’s all-round efficiency. Its compact size allows it to work as a portable item that can be used by students moving to college for the first time, happy campers, families going away for weekend trips and so on. The washing machine also uses 80% less water and detergent than the average machine and washes the clothes with quick cycles, while allowing for simultaneous bathing and washing of clothes. Its efficiency in terms of time and space don’t stop there; it is made of recycled material, which makes it eco-friendly and resource-efficient. drumi-portable-electricity-free-washing-machine-02 Some features worth noting are the transparent dome and the detergent tray. The transparent dome can hold up to 5 litres of water, the normal amount for a load, and can be used for water measurement for those who like to be precise when it comes to washing their clothes. It also includes a top handle at an angle for ergonomic comfort. The detergent tray can hold up to three different types of detergent at the same time and is also self-cleaning (a feature I know I would have really appreciated when I moved into my apartment for the first time and had to clean hair out from the detergent tray of my washing machine). The frame of the washing machine is also double-reinforced for durability and stability; this is essentially what ensures the washing machine to be compact and easily portable. drumi-portable-electricity-free-washing-machine-04 The purpose of this washing machine is to reduce the dependency of users on more costly machines such as coin laundry and other forms of public laundry. The nature of this item ensures that users can have access to easy private laundry any time they want. The portability and overall efficiency promised by the Drumi makes it a buy worth considering, whether it be for household economists looking to save up on space and time, and/or happy travellers who want to enjoy the thrill of being away from home without having to suffer the smelly consequences.

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