Droplet: The Smart Button For Modern Reminders

Droplet is a system built to help you remember tasks and activities, while encouraging these habits at the same time. If you’re constantly forgetting to feed the fish, take out the trash, or go out to the gym, Droplet will help you remember. The brainchild of Sohan Japa and Joshua Newth, Droplet uses a physical button in combination with cloud storage and your smartphone to create a reminder system that only nags you when you forget.   droplet-04 There are two huge differences between this system and simply using a calendar or the alarm function on your phone: the physical button, and the reminders. Each button is set to remind the user of a certain task at a certain time. When you complete the task, you press the button, and the system records that the task was completed. The button should be placed on or near the task that it is recording, like the button on the medicine bottle in the picture above. By using a physical button, it is harder to ignore a reminder because you have to be physically near the Droplet to tell the system that you’ve completed the task. No more hitting snooze and forgetting 5 minutes later. Instead, you click the button before or after you do your activity because the button is right there. The reminders are sent to the user through text messages, phone calls, or the Droplet app – depending on how you want to set it up. The greatest thing about them is that if you remember the task, the system won’t bug you with a reminder. No nagging if you remembered on your own, and you can set the system to only remind you of a task if you forget more than once.   droplet-03 A single Droplet can be used by itself, but if you use more than one button or don’t own a smartphone, there is also a Droplet Hub to manage your schedule. One hub manages one task, so if you want multiple reminders, you need multiple Droplet buttons. Also, the Droplet’s battery lasts for a full year, so that’s one less thing you need to remind yourself about. The Droplet system is especially great if you need to keep track of multiple people. A parent can see when a chore is completed, or whether or not their elderly parent(s) have remembered to take their medication. Reminders can also be sent to multiple people if more than one person shares the responsibility of a task (like the roommates below).   droplet-02 The Droplet is a great reminder system built to meld seamlessly into our modern, interconnected lifestyles. This idea was just successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter in May 2015.   Video:

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