Drinkware Stacker: Stack Your Cups!

Saving cupboard space is something that most people find valuable, though it’s not always an option, especially in smaller living quarters. Cupboards can be cluttered and disorganized, and stacking cups inside each other may damage your glasses. The Drinkware Stacker, created by start-up ELYPRO INC., is the simple solution to that. The circular coaster with extendable arms makes it possible for you to stack your cups, mugs or glasses on top of each other without the risk of damaging any of it. Glassware is difficult to stack the “normal” way, as it can get stuck, scratched, cracked, or even break under certain circumstances. With the Drinkware Stacker, the glass doesn’t touch, instead keeping sturdy plastic in between them. This allows your cupboards to stay more organized while also utilizing the top space that would normally be completely empty. Using it is incredibly easy — simply place the Drinkware Stacker on top of an upright cup, mug or glass, then place its partner upside down on top of it. Push the extendable arms in until it’s secure around the drinkware, and you’re finished! Now, you can move your cups around freely with no risk of breaking them with more shelf space in your cupboard. What’s even greater about this product is the fact that one size fits all. Because the arms extend and contract to whatever size the user finds necessary, you’ll never need to buy multiple packs with varying sizes for the different glassware in your home. It’s also multi-functional! When it’s not in use, the Drinkware Stacker is a raised coaster that keeps your surfaces from getting wet or damaged. Just pull at one of the extendable arms until it’s out completely and set your glass on top. If you want to organize your kitchen and save space, click here to order a set of Drinkware Stackers.

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