The Drinkable Book: Providing Clean Water

Design for the developing world has yielded some incredible products around the problem of providing clean water. A team of scientists and engineers from University of Virginie and Carnegie Mellon have developed an intriguing solution to this problem with ‘The Drinkable Book’ – a tool that filters water while teaching techniques of proper sanitation and hygiene to those in need. drinkable-book-003 The non-profit organization Waterislife and typographer Brian Gartside have teamed up to produce these books in which each page contains technologically advanced paper which is capable of killing deadly waterborne diseases that plague the developing world. The pages are coated with silver nanoparticles which eliminate diseases such as typhoid, E.coli, and cholera. drinkable-book-002 On each page, there are words describing the process one must go through to clean the water successfully. The educational component proves that many issues regarding water have much to do with people being uninformed about why they need to treat water in the first place. However, when we’re dealing with the developing world, we must take into account the prevalence of illiteracy. If the user of the book can not read the instructions, misuse could override the original purpose of the product. drinkable-book-001 To use the book, one must rip one of the pages in half and slide it into the filter box, which is also the cover for the book. Then, after you pour the contaminated water through, the level of bacteria is reduced by 99.9 percent. Each filter could last a couple of weeks, up to a month. This means that the entire book can last about a year. Hopefully inventions like these could save countless lives in the developing world. Video:

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