Double Zero Chair: Simple, Striking Design

Sometimes it’s nice to just get back to the basics. The Double Zero line of chairs does this perfectly: these chairs keep it simple, but interesting. Getting it’s name from the two circular cushions that make up the seat and backrest, the Double Zero chair design was created by David Adjaye for the Italian furniture design company Moroso. The collaboration led to an impactful design with basic materials and construction methods – not an easy feat. double-zero_01 This line has very distinctive features that play with the concepts of simple and complex, and hard and soft. The two upholstered circles make a comfortable seat and backrest, while the frame of the seat is made of stainless steel tubes, bent into geometric designs to create the legs and support for the chair. The tubes were welded together where they touch. Although the materials and methods are basic, the style lines of the frame give life to the pieces. The Double Zero furniture line offers three chair designs: the standard chair with upholstered arm rests, a bar stool, and a small two-seater sofa. The stainless steel frame also comes in different finishes, and there is a wide range of colours and designs for the seat cushions, providing customers with lots of variety. double-zero_03 Double Zero is a really cool furniture line, bordering on nostalgic. These shiny frames may not be for everyone, but these bold chairs are really something special. Video:

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