Dooli: Hides The Smelly Odor of Pet Waste

Dooli is a waste disposal and deodorizing system for dog and cat owners. Having a pet can give you a great sense of joy and purpose. A pet can brighten your day in very simple ways, whether it be through cuddling or through playing. But, accompanying its amazing qualities, pet ownership has inconvenient downsides. One of the primary inconveniences is dealing with their waste and odors from their waste. Dooli provides pet owners with a simple, effective and environmentally friendly way of dealing with pet waste and odors. Dooli was created by an experienced waste management entrepreneur, David Stravitz. This pet waste management system is was designed to be environmentally friendly, odor blocking and cost effective. dooli-hides-smelly-pet-waste-04 Most other pet waste pails use unnecessary waste bag handles and ineffectual packaging. Dooli comes with a set of 7-layer EVOH plastic bags, a deodorizing dispenser, recyclable and reusable bag adapters and a scooper. 7-layer EVOH bags are very durable, which is important as they are used to hold the excrement. The deodorizing dispenser fits directly into the bag adapter and bags, both allowing users to effectively put the deodorizing solution into the bag and creating a double seal to block odors. The bag adapters of alternative pet waste disposal systems  do not typically last long and are not recyclable. Dooli’s bag adapters are both long lasting (it can be used over 50 times) and recyclable. The minimal packaging Dooli comes in also means less garbage.  These two aspects are typically the parts of pet waste disposal systems that create the most waste. The changes Dooli has made to these aspects makes it the most environmentally friendly pet waste management systems on the market. Dooli-Hides-Smelly-Pet-Odor-05 The unnecessary costs that are associated with buying pet waste disposal systems are primarily from the packaging. Along with being environmentally friendly, the minimal packaging of Dooli makes it a more cost effective option than competing products. Dooli comes with many more EVOH 7-layer bags than other competing products with no extra cost that would be expected with extra bags. This makes Dooli one of the most cost effective pet waste systems on the market. dooli-hides-smelly-pet-waste-02 This pet waste management system is by no means cumbersome. Dooli is 16 inches tall, 11 inches wide, 11 inches in diameter and under 4lbs. This size makes it very easy to move around. While Dooli has temporarily cancelled their Kickstarter campaign to design a wider opening at the top of the device, this is not the end the product. Dooli will be back, available for orders before you know it. To learn more about Dooli, you can check out their Kickstarter website here.

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