Document Extractor: Monitor That Prints And Scans

The Document Extractor, created by Byeong Min Choe, is combination of printer, scanner and monitor—all in one. Highly useful and practical, this unique monitor is a screen that doubles up as a printer. Document-Extractor-01Your desk will appear more organized, spacious and trendy without the extra set of printing and scanning devices. The Document Extractor saves space, time and resources as well, such as ink or toners. This tech device also stacks the printing paper away from the view, piling neatly away at the back. Document-Extractor-02 The touch screen interface of the monitor allows you to select and crop the portion you wish to print. You can select a picture or precise text, as opposed to printing the whole page. The selected area will print from the back to the front bottom bezel of the computer. Document-Extractor-03 To scan a document, you just have to feed it in the device and it pops up on the display screen. With a 27” display, the Document Extractor allows optimal viewing—easy and effortless printing and scanning. Document-Extractor-04 This all–in–one screen also comes with interactive graphical user interface, making it easier for the designers to see their documents and designs with just a few flicks and swipes of fingers, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. But the device may not be ideal for bulk printing due to the limited capacity of the paper tray. But the screen is ideal for versatility and instant use. Document-Extractor-05

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