Discover Wonders: Talking STEM Books

It’s becoming more and more difficult to get children fully engaged with their surroundings now that technology has become a staple of our lives. Moreso with this younger generation having been surrounded by screens all their lives. However, what if there was a way to integrate the technology of the present into their learning process so that they are genuinely looking at their world with curiosity? Discover Wonders helps foster your child’s curiosity for the world and helps them develop critical thinking skills at a young age. Their STEM series talking books focus on teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to 3 to 10-year-olds. The original concept was inspired by the story of Sir Isaac Newton, which really spoke to the team behind this innovative idea. Discover Wonder books utilize everyday objects as a launchpad for examining the bigger world around them; starting with the fundamental aspects of each STEM strand. Each book features a wide variety of cross-dimensional thinking. Units are presented in ways which are relevant to children. Children can learn about minute facets of topics to broad subjects within any given topic. Each book contains over 50 pages of material. The speaking aspect comes from integrated invisible code that is printed directly on them for a seamless experience. Each book has over 300 audio hotspots. The talking feature helps to strengthen the learning process. With the help of the Discover Pen, you are able to record your own page on each page to create and preserve special bonding moments. Additionally, relatives can transfer audio files to be uploaded to the pen. So, when your child opens up their book, they can hear special greetings and heartfelt messages from aunts, uncles, and grandparents. The learning doesn’t stop there. You can place recording stickers next to any text in any book so your child can hear their favorite stories at their pace. Therefore, they have full control over their own learning process. These stickers can be used on anything, place them on photo books or anything else you deem a great learning tool for your child. Discover Wonders came from very humble beginnings. Cecilia the founder of the company, grew up in the slums of Hong Kong, with parents who understood the importance of education. She truly believes that education breaks the poverty cycle and it’s up to the parents to take control and be the driving force to maximize their child’s potential. The inspiration for these books came from her two daughters. She wanted to get her children excited about the process of learning and thus Discover Wonder was born. The talking component is the highlight of the content – a systematic way to inspire children to gain those all essential critical thinking skills. Check out their Kickstarter now to peruse all the books available and support a great cause to nurture your child’s future and creativity.

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