The Dipper: Headphones and Necklace in One!

It can be tough to find a pair of headphones that look as good as they sound, but The Dipper was made to change that. This set of earbuds from Tinsel is also a stylish statement necklace. Available in two different colors, listening to music is now a fashion statement. The earbuds are equipped with both a microphone and remote that make it possible for the user to take calls, listen to music and any other audio. It connects to the device through a hidden jack that comes out of the necklace’s pendant. As an accessory, The Dipper has a chevron pendant made of either 24k gold or gunmetal and silver to enhance the user’s outfit and personal style. The headphone cords are blended in as the chain of the jewelry so that it isn’t quite obvious that you’re wearing your tech. It’s truly a beautiful statement piece that has built-in functionality. Tinsel’s founder, Aniyia Williams thought of The Dipper when she found a problem in digging for her headphones in her purse every day. She wished that she could wear her devices, but knew that it wouldn’t look as good as she wanted it to. With some more thought and idea generation, she had a team help bring The Dipper to life so other women would no longer be in the same predicament. If you’re looking to combine function and fashion, check out The Dipper here!

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