DIMPLE: Button Sticker For Android Smartphones

DIMPLE is a NFC (near field communication) button sticker which you can attach to any Android device and use it like you would regular buttons. dimple-button-sticker-for-android-smartphones-02 You can program each button do perform one particular function. As such, the range of options is impressively wide — if not endless: you can, for example, set one of the buttons to have it snap an instant picture, another to turn your most used app, and another to turn on your phone’s flashlight. And for those more tech savvy people out there, the company offers a framework for plugin development, meaning that you can program the buttons to do virtually anything. dimple-button-sticker-for-android-smartphones-03 DIMPLE is as thin as five stacked human hairs, or 0.5mm to be exact. There is no need for batteries or charging as the buttons are powered by the energy emitted by your phone. Finally, there is no worry for wearing the DIMPLE down as it is expected that the buttons should withstand around 2 million clicks. dimple-button-sticker-for-android-smartphones-04 The DIMPLE is available in a ‘standard’ four button version as well as a two button ‘mini’ version — both of these come in a total of nine colours. There is also a DIMPLE case, which comes in three colours, available for the Nexus 5, Galaxy s4/s5, and HTC One M7/M8. dimple-button-sticker-for-android-smartphones-06 Video:

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