Digital Contact Lenses

With the field of technology expanding at a faster rate than was ever thought possible, gadgets like digital contact lenses can surely be expected to, sooner than later, make their debut within the consumer market. digital-contact-lenses-02 What has until now only been imagined is slowly becoming a reality. Andy Millns of 3D production company “Inition” believes that augmented and virtual reality visualization technologies will soon be combined in one device: digital contact lenses. digital-contact-lenses-03 Currently on the market there are products like Google Glass—technologies which involve augmenting visible reality—and devices like the Oculus Rift headset—a virtual reality headset for 3D gaming. The concept of the digital contact lens combines these two separate approaches into one. digital-contact-lenses-05 Digital contact lenses would effectively merge augmented and virtual reality devices into a much smaller and more advanced gadget. These lenses would produce high resolution images while also being able to mix computer generated graphics with objects and environments present in the real world. digital-contact-lenses-06 What the future holds then is an ever increasing blur between reality and virtuality, between humans and computers. With the rate of technological advances there is no telling what other amazing things we will see in the future. digital-contact-lenses-07 Video:

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