Dedo: Modern Lounge Chair

Chairs for the outdoors, as we generally know, are lightweight and designed to take up as little space as possible when not in use. Where one can unfold a folding chair and conveniently sit anywhere outside and fold it back into a narrow, flat item that can easily be stored. dedo-1 However with a flimsy structure, there is opportune for easy breakage. “Wear and tear” can be seen as padding thinning, or having the functionality compromised from screws or bolts loosening and popping out. Metal will rust if proper care isn’t taken, and that may be too time consuming for some who just want something with no fuss for the outdoors. dedo-2 There is a product out there for the consumer of outdoor goods that offers long wear and durability. There is absolutely no metal in this product so special care to avoid rust is not required. It is made from solid oak, and is very light in weight. It is designed to be a lounge chair, but it can be taken to the outdoors with ease if desired. dedo-3 It’s referred to as the Dedo Lounge Chair. The Dedo has adjustable neck and back rests. The back is made from elastic cotton rope, and the cushioning from real leather. The Dedo also has a matching foot stool available for separate purchase. dedo-4 If in doubt for the outdoors, the indoors is another excellent option as the sturdiness and classical design of the Dedo will prove to provide comfort and style. View the Dawson & Co. website for more detail.    

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