Dash Wallet

Steven Elliot calls his creation the faster and smarter wallet. The reason? It is a slim quickdraw wallet that allows you to swipe your credit card without taking it out all the way. dash-wallet-2 You use your thumb to push the card up, just enough for the magnetic stripe to be showing. dash-wallet-3 Then swipe with the card still in the wallet. This works so long as you’re not facing a chip-enabled system. dash-wallet-4 The Dash Wallet is made out of a one-piece elastic material. The designer says you can put as many cards in the wallet as you can stretch it. However, it is unclear if the wallet will become loose if you decide to take some cards out.  It also comes with a pocket for cash, which is nice and minimalist. dash-wallet-5 Slim wallets are a trend now, as no one wants to carry around a bulky wallet with all their receipts and loyalty cards inside. dash-wallet-6

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